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This is one of those things that makes you want to slap people in the face. Dont you hate it when you have just suffered emotional trauma and someone says, "Just move on. He's not worth it." Like yeah, thats easy for you to say when it's not your beaten and broken heart. People are under the assumption that if you werent raped or physically assalted that it is nothing big. People never say to rape victims, "just get over it." why? Because they realize that that person has been deeply traumatized. Sometimes emotional and mental abuse can be just as painful. I must admit that it is near impossible to see how that statment can be true until it happens to you. Im not trying to put myself on a padestool for my suffering. But it just makes it harder to heal when you dont get the support you need from the ones closest to you. I cant share this with my family because they just get mad and say, "Get over it already!" It is painful to have to hear that. Im glad that there are many others who have suffered the same way i did who can support me. Without them, i dont know what i'd do.
This really needs to be said more!!!! There is a HUGE difference and many lump it into one. I have referred to it a the trauma re hardwires parts of your brain that makes it much harder to re wire. I know very personally the struggle of this. some days you get tired of struggling with the struggle. thanks for posting!!!!!
find a facebook group. there are many of them.
What do you think those should do who have nobody to share their trauma with?