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This moment i feel was the most romantic moment I've seen in all the animes I've watched. All in all Clannad was a very romantic anime that hits you in the feels so hard you feel like you're boxing Tyson or Ali in their prime. But when Ogizaka and Nagisa finally committed to spending the rest of their lives together i cried like a baby. Not really but it was still so emotional because you followed the budding romance between them and just couldn't help but cheer them on. @VinMcCarthy
Yesss! This is one of my favs! just like DiamondGregory said, nothing can beat the love they have. I legit cried a whole bunch in Clannad After Story 😭 there were too many feels!
This will forever be my favorite anime 😭💘 I cried for like 3 days though ;-;
Yesss! Nothing beats the love of Nagisa and Tamoya Okazaki
it was really emotional man though I'm still wondering if @VinMcCarthy saw my initial entry for yesterday xD lmao @Haidurr
this up there as one of my favorites too XD