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If u can really do that you r officially a legend
oh geez.. ive never really counted.. umm well if its my day off ill watch literally all day if ive got nothing to do. but i literally cram as much of it in my day thats possible. so maybe 15 eps if im working. next time i begin it from the beginning ill actually write down when i start till when i reach the current ep at the time. cuz id like to know exactly myself xD but like ive said at some other point. ive watched one piece filler and all from beginning to end at least 5 times. and it certainly wont be the last..blah i wrote too much. sorry lol
lol im obsessed.. its bad. but its my favorite anime :3
I'm going to try to do this on Thursday. I usually don't like to watch multiple shows at a time, binging is preferred, but I'm not too deep into Naruto yet and I keep seeing One Piece all over vingle.
More like--"I'm gonna watch Detective Conan in one go~!"
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