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Shanks and Makino ship! <3
This is for the @hikaymm "sell your ship."
First and foremost...

I have not seen the entirety if One Piece!

Therefore, feel free to post spoilers in the comments, but it would be much appreciated if you warned readers before in some way. Also, everything I say may or may not be canonical, I just don't know. Sorry about that. :)
I love this ship! I imagine Shanks and his crew strolling through town, trying to act tough as he goes to the bar. Then, after getting drunk, Shanks shows his nicer side and Makino falls in love with him. After many conversations while he's sober, Shanks falls for her too.
I'm pretty sure this ship is canon, but it should be if it's not. Shanks is just such an epic character, and Makino is so nice to him. They're perfect together, especially in the way they treat Luffy and each other.
Anyway, feel free to talk about This ship and others, especially One Piece ones. Again, talk about anything in the entire series, but it would I would be extremely happy if you warn everyone about a potential spoiler. Thanks!!
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Awwwww, this is so awesome. I'd love to see this. <3 I'd totally ship them. Adorbs.
@tayhar18920 me too I've loved shanks since the moment I met him! That's why I think he's deserving of an amazing match!
Hey everyone I hate shameless promotion so I can win the giveaway, so you don't have to, but I would really appreciate it if you commented something about OTPs or One piece. If not that okay. Thank you!