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I gotta say, as a chick with big boobs herself, they are a blessing and a curse. lol for example, when I go to hooters, or a strip club, I'm expecting to see chicks with bigger boobs than I. unfortunately, I'm left disappointed every time. Grrr I demand more chicks with big tits! who's with me?
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in the immortal words of Issei Hyodou "when you are grabbing boobs you're grabbing life"
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@Itlulia you are my type of girl a girl who cares about what guys want a girl who thinks like a guy
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I have just one thing to say.... Boooooossssssttttt
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I do like having my boobs tho, like they big but not huge 馃槀 only part of a girl I like! I prefer guys sooooo lol
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