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Was A. 20 Facts with F. a rap close second, and 3 would be G and B.
the rap part....just yeah I suck lol
1) I love taking selfies because hey it boosts my self esteem. 2) Hey I just noticed that freckle by my nose... 3) I am very flexible 4.) I ❤❤ LEMONS!!! 5.) i can read and write spanish.
6.) Tulips and cherry blossoms are my favorite flower. 7) Stargazing is one of my favorite things to do mostly because I enjoy the night 8) I believe there are other life forms out there besides what is here on planet earth. I mean come on there's to much universe to be just that's narcisitic 9.) I believe that the wolf is my spirit animal. 10.) I seem to be unable to meditate no matter how many times I try.
11) I love to bake especially this time of year apple and pumpkin pies....but baking in general I love to do. Those are pies I did in the last few years. 12) I have never perpetuated the lie of Santa to my child 13) my birthday is a day I usually am sad on 14) I over analyse games when playing 15) I have never been ice skating in Ohio but have been ice skating several times in Florida
16) Naruto is my favorite anime. 17) I love doctoring up my ramen with spices or trying completely different dishes with them 18) I just listened to Beautiful Liar by LR because I knew I would become obsessed with it and was trying to control my never happens; controling the feels. 19) I strive to be happy in this life... 20) I wrote the letter to my bias. find it down below. ⇩⇩⇩⇩
And finally 5 THINGS ABOUT MY IDEAL TYPE... 1) COURTEOUS. 2) has a sense of Humor 3.) Loving and caring personality 4) has faith 5)has a killer smile that lights up the world.
I do the same thing with ramen! Have you tried cracking an egg in it before you let it sit? so good.
Naruto an ramon are the bomb
I just saw this! I like your rap! you did better than I could have done! I love the pies!!
yes @MadAndrea it is so delicious. and I add spices
yes you did it I'm so excited! ! haha I love Naruto too!!
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