After skipping the last two weeks,
I don't know how consistent I will be going forward, but I will try to put one of these out every Tuesday.
But I am really excited to make this card this week because this song is one of my favorite OSTs I've heard.
Like, the song sounds right up my alley.
So I haven't seen the drama, but I know many of you have.It is a little too melodramatic for me, as most dramas tend to be, but I have heard so many good things!
And like I said, this song is everything.
It is a part of the more lighthearted tone of the drama at the beginning, since the drama gets really intense and sad as it goes on.


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*montage type video, so just be careful of spoilers*
From the 2014 drama Angel Eyes (엔젤아이즈) comes my choice for this week's OST: Run To You by Lasse Lindh.
Lasse Lindh is a Swedish pop artist who moved to South Korea for inspiration and has had his music used in many things the past 4 years.
Angel Eyes in a SBS melodrama set in the medical field, centering on a surgeon, Park Dong Joo, and Yoon Soo Wan, an emergency 119 worker. The two main leads were childhood sweethearts, but due to unfortunate circumstances, they were separated. Now 12 years later, then meet again, but Soo Wan, who was blind when she was younger and does not know what Dong Joo looked like, has no idea who the man she meets was to her in the past.
Soo Wan is played by Ku Hye-Sun, and Dong Joo is played by Lee Sang-Yoon. Other notable players in the cast are Kim Ji-Suk, Jung Jin-Young, Jung Ae-Ri, Kong Hyung-Jin, Seungri (BIGBANG fame), Juan, and Kim Heo-Jin. Also notable is that our main leads have young counterparts, where young Soo Wan is played by Nam Ji-Hyun, and young Dong Joo is played by Kang Ha-Neul.
I have not seen Angel Eyes, but I know many people from the Vingle K-drama community that have suggested and loved it. My sister has seen most of it, but she stopped at the part where all the happiness happened, because she doesn't want to see the end.
So if that is any indication of how this drama is, be prepared for some tissues.
I am really excited to talk about the song though so let's move on!
I love this song.
Like, the simple piano at the beginning, the sporatic verses, the simplistic lyrics, the chorus' catchiness, the fluffiness of it.
It was basically written for me.
Run To You is written entirely in English, probably the song writer is Swedish and it is entirely fluffy and sticky sweet.
It is used at the beginning of the drama to showcase how happy the two leads made each other in their youth, and how 12 years later there is still something about the other person that brings back this youthful joy that they felt when they were younger.
I also really enjoy it because it is used as a good contrast to the sadness that the present day of the drama/ later episodes. We are all brought back to the happiness of youth, and so are the characters.
Our two leads have been through a lot in this drama.
Like, a lot a lot. There are many reasons that these two aren't together, yet they are drawn together.
That is what this song conveys so perfectly.
The lyrics are so simple yet that is almost the charm of it. The simplicity adds to the feeling of young love. And the imagery of being drawn to someone, of becoming so attached to that person where your hearts beat as one is so cliche yet so effective.
Let's look at the lyrics a bit:
*found on kpoplyrics*
"I was broken I was wasted
Then you came like an angel in the rain
Love used to slip trough me like waters slips through hands
But with you it changed I know I feel I’m closer to your heart
I am run run running to you And I’ll keep you safe forever
Through the tears trough the love and all the nights we share
I am run run running to you And I’ll keep you safe forever
Don’t you know my love don’t you know
two hearts can beat as one"
It is just too cute. The speaker knows that they are complete when they are with that person and at that point, you don't even really need to know who that person is. The feeling should be overwhelming. Your heart should be literally leaping out of your chest for that person. Everything about you is run-run-running to that person.
Ugh, I just really love this song.
It is so simple, yet so cute and meaningful.
I know there are many more great songs from this drama but this is the one that sets my feelings on fire. I turn into a pile of smiling mush.
Fluff, fluff, fluff.
Do you like the OST?
What about the drama?
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@kpopandkimchi you see really should. it is amazing and seungro from big bang is so cute in it and adorable. his scenes with the little kid are amazing and incredible.
@thePinkPrincess hugs hugs hugs! @StephanieDuong omg yes this song is so great! I really need to watch the drama it just seems soooo sad lol. Thank you love! I'm glad you enjoy them :) @VeronicaArtino yes!! I remember this. Wow three times? That's awesome lol. @kpopandkimchi haha yes I am the same way Kimchi lol. I've heard such good things.
@kpopandkimchi DO ITTTTTT. :)
oh my goodness yes i absolutely love the ost song to this drmama i actually ahve all the song's on a playlist haha i love love love them and this drama