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Actress Song Ji Hyo is perfectly playing her new role. New stills of the actress were recently revealed by the staff of the drama. In the stills, the actress is dressed in a typical dress for royals nurses in the Joseon Dynasty. She looks calm and reserved, as well as focused and concentrated on perfectly portraying her role. Even on brakes, the actress can't seem to let go of her character. This is little of bit of change, from her usual behavior of the "ace" in variety shows. She plays the role of Hong Da In, who a is very caring, gentle, and elegant royal nurse. She will go on the run with Choi Won (Lee Dong Wook) and will end up falling in love with him. A member of the staff commented, “Song Ji Hyo never stops working. Even after 'cut' is yelled, she stills hold on to her character. She is very dedicated.” The drama that will be about a royal physician Choi Won (Lee Dong Wook) who gets involve in a plot to kill the king, and he becomes a fugitive. All the while, he tries to save his sick daughter, that he has raised by himself because his wife died. The drama will premiere on April 24th, after “IRIS 2” ends its run.
@oj1992 Thank you, friend! :D :D
"with all clothing" haha yin. You are quite good at phrasing. I like. Yoohoo !
I think she looks fabulous. She always does with traditional clothing, wait...with all clothing. XD
strange I have been watching period dramas and the costume looks much better than this. maybe it is a different blue plus the head gear is smaller.