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Hey everyone! I just wanted to throw this out there in case there are some struggling with Netflix.. I've noticed some people on here watch anime on Netflix, which that's awesome if you like to do that, but I'm going to suggest CrunchyRoll of Funimation to you! I use CrunchyRoll, and pay $60 for a full year. I do not use Funimation but others have said it's good. CrunchyRoll is up to date. I personally am a huge fan of Fairy Tail, and watch it every week as soon as it's available. 😉 CrunchyRoll is also free for most episodes (except for the most up-to-date ones) Otherwise you can pay for a premium membership and get updated weekly. If you are watching animes on Netflix but you are seeing updates of the anime on social media that aren't coming up on Netflix, I definitely suggest CrunchyRoll as an alternate, and they have a manga app for CrunchyRoll too! Funimation may also be a good source, though I don't really know because I don't use it. If you prefer to watch Netflix then go for it, but once again I suggest these to you. Just wanted to let everyone know about these two sources!
if you want something free, animehub through the windows store is pretty good too.
I also have hulu has a lot anime that crunchyroll doesn't have