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Ashitaka and San from Princess Mononoke. San is 100% wild, raised by wolf gods. Ashitaka is a prince who was a part of a dying clan but was forced to exile himself after being cursed by a demon. Their first encounter is nothing but confusing for San but she ends up saving him.
Since they are basically in the middle of a war there isn't much for gushy romance but hr gives her his sisters crystal dagger, something very precious to him.
They experience hard times and sadness but Ashitaka is always the calm voice of reason, and San is his connection to the forest gods that may be able to save him and many more. While I wouldn't say the movie itself has the happiest ending their love has a happy ending and will most likely remain. My submission for day 2 @VinMcCarthy
they don't make em like they used to
that's for sure lol
it is awesome! glad u enjoyed it
I just finished watching this because I saw it here. It was awesome, thanks.
Yes yes yes! I loved them.