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So This was picked the most so here are 20 random facts about me!

1.I'm a huge animal lover! I have 5 cats(technically 2 are mine Simba and stitch) ,a hamster(zayn lol) , an old fart dog lol and a beautiful snake(Archimedes).(like GD I'm obsessed with my pets lol) 2.I love pink and animal print more than life 3. Will Ferrell is my all time favorite actor 4.I can recite the entire step brothers movie from open credits to end(one of the talents I'm proud ofπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) 5.I love Tattoos (currently have 4, getting two more soon) 6. Music is my life! I'm always listening to music when I get the chance I feel weird without it 7.i have 3 sisters no brothers :/ 8.Demi lovato is a huge inspiration and one of my tattoos matches hers since we have similar stories 9.I'm terrified of heights and roller coasters 10.I love traveling and flying(idk why but even though I hate heights planes don't bother me) 11.Im currently learning Korean and have been for awhile 12.Im Puerto Rican and Cuban 13.Im extremely shy when I first meet someone 14.I absolutely love collecting little antiques and random souvenirs every time I travel 15.I love kdramas more than life 16.Im really good at building things and sewing lol 17.Scary movies are my life!they don't scare me but i love seeing other people get scared it's hilarious! 18.im currently saving to go to vet school 19. I had Gilliambere(idk how to spell it) syndrome when I was younger(your body attacks itself and you become paralyzed)luckily the only side affect is I have no reflex in my legs and I can't get any shots but I'm fine

20.Im Am Legitimately Kwon Jiyong Trash and I am perfectly okay with that!I seriously wouldn't have it any other way!

@Lizzeh lol thank you! I wanted something Greek for him since I feel Greek names for snakes seem cool and yes I love lilo and stitch soo much soo had to use that name and he's a grayish blue color so it fit perfectly
@Jiyongixoxo Ohh those are nice names I definitely like Archimedes is sounds nice but the girl name is good too. Awh Simba that's cute ive never seen the lion king so I don't really know much I just know that that was the baby cub. Stitch!! My childhood!! 😭😭
@Lizzeh no he's too small to tell right now lol but I named him Archimedes and if it ends up being a girl I'll name her Athena and the cat is a boy his name is simba and I have another cat of that's mine named stitch
@Jiyongixoxo Awh that's sweet 😊 oh do you don't know if it's a boy or girl? Did you name them? They're so adorable!
@Lizzeh yes lol but he's cute and I rescued him when he was a baby so he gets always with everything and no my snake is the sweetest thing ever he's like a baby and he's a ball python so the biggest he'll get is 4ft maybe 5 if he's a girl but idk lol
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