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Hey guys. I'm gonna write a new book on Wattpad. Once i have about half the story written, I'm gonna publish one chapter every Monday. Please follow me on Wattpad MarcoJaegerbombastic and check it out?
The first chapter won't be out until around christmas time, but I do have another Ereri story called Angel with A Shotgun.
My new book is called I Don't Have Wings. It's Ereri. Levi is 18 and Eren is 16.
Will there ever be a fall? Will we ever have to fight titans inside the wall? God, I hope not. I want us to stay safe, but one day everything will fall apart. It's human nature for everything to fall apart, and we never know when it will.
"Ackerman, let's go!" Commander Erwin shouted at me.
"Yes, sir!" I replied, saluting until he left the room. The fist that was over my heart was now clenched onto it. I don't think I'm ready to leave the walls because of all the fear I have bottled up inside of me.
Cool I have a wattpad too!!! I'll look you up!!!
yep:) and thanks:D
@LunaHeartfilia thank you ☺ I followed back