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Kendrick Lamar is the ultimate wedding crasher.

A little while back, K Dot and some friends decided to crash a wedding during their downtime after an event in Ohio.
While many crashing a wedding would be honored just chilling in the cut and enjoying free brews on the house, Kendrick made it his mission to become the life of the party.
When the DJ opened the dance floor to guests, Lamar casually strolled onto the dance floor and proceeded to groove to Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody".
If that wasn't enough, KDOT opted to dab-dance to a Whitney Houston dance. I don't understand why that dance came to mind to that beat, but Kendrick made it work.
In the video, you can hear a guest approach Lamar and his crew and demand to know why they were there, asking, "You guys are in the party? Who got married?" Then, he tells them to "get the fuck out", but Lamar continues to dance the night away.

Kendrick is the coolest.

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When Whitney tells you to dance, you dance. That's what I learned from Kendrick today.