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The new trendy slogan for anti sexual assault campaigns (its disgusting we need anti-rape anything), is "Consent Is Sexy". We see frat boys with the words scrawled across their chest, we see memes and gifs everywhere, we even see colleges like UCSC using that as their main slogan for their sexual consent platform. But here is the problem; having "consent is sexy" as a slogan makes it seem like consent is something trendy, something awesome, something that everyone wants...... but sexy does not mean mandatory.

And in a world where 1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted on college campuses, it better be clear that consent isn't just hot....its required.

In case anyone forgot, CONSENT IS THE LAW. So while the slogan is the perfect thing for t-shirts, it is not the right platform for an issue as important as sexual consent. "Consent Is Mandatory", "Consent is Required", "Consent Is The Law" should be the slogan because Consent is more then just something attractive. And if anyone needs a refresher, here is what consent is. - A verbal Yes. - A person who is returning the affection. - A person who is vocal in their enjoyment, not someone saying No. - A person who DOES NOT need to be convinced that they want it. - Sobriety ... or at the very least someone who can stand, form coherent sentences, and remembers your name.
So fuck that "consent is sexy." We don't need consent to be just a passing fad or a clever twitter hashtag.

Consent is Mandatory and that is that.

As a guy, I admit that this slogan is fucking stupid. I cant even comprehend how stupid it is. But I feel like I have to bring up the fact that the "1-5 women are raped" statistics have been debunked as false. That doesn't mean that its any less serious and important to teach young men and women about respect for themselves and others. Other than that I competely agree with everything youve said. This needs to happen.
Yes, and there are some disturbing reports, even recently. (Atlanta police had a manhunt after a sexual assault at DragonCon.) Mostly, the campaign is aimed at any sexual attention, that just because someone is dressed sexy, it doesn't mean that there is some unspoken consent to fondling or groping or the like.
@Straightshooter oh wait maybe it was 1-5 is sexually assaulted not fully raped I'll make the correction! but I appreciate the male perspective !!!! It really is crazy that this is the slogan!
Have you seen the video that uses tea to explain consent?
@TerrellHenry I know, it shouldn't even be a thing, but unfortunately it is. Thankfully, though, convention directors across the country are recognizing that it is indeed a problem and have been swiftly addressing it with guidelines, harsh penalties, and by raising awareness that this is unacceptable behavior.
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