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A lot of you by now probably already have seen the new comeback teaser "Never Mind" but have you heard the lyrics? If you haven't I have attached a video with English lyrics to this card, down below. Please take some time to listen to it and let me know how you feel about them.
Personally, I can relate to these lyrics as well as many of you can as well. Honestly, all of us at some point in our lives we go through this. There is always someone, at least one person, that will put us down. I just want to tell you to never, you hear me NEVER, let someone put you down or crush your dreams! Some people out there from pure jealous or what ever would love to see you fall and that's something I hate the most! I hate when people make others feel less! I guess what I'm trying to say is to never stop dreaming! Fight for what you want in life! Remember there is always going to be times when you fall but don't forget to get back up! Don't let other people's comments bring you down or put a negative impact in you. Use that anger to work your hardest and proof them wrong! Like the lyrics say:

"It's alright to hang your head down if you fail or breakdown. You're still young, don't care about your worries. Moss grows on a stone that doesn't roll. If you can't turn back then move forward. Forget everything including your mistakes. Never mind, Even if it's not going to be easy, engrave it on your heart."

& if you feel like no one believes in you, I do! So go out there and follow your dreams!