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"That Winter, The Wind Blows" The hidden symbolism in the 13th episode that foretells a tragic ending. When Oh Young (Song Hye Kyo) finds out that Oh Soo (Jo In Sung) is not her real brother, she surprisingly remains calm in front of them. She cannot help but pity herself after learning that bother Oh Soo and Secretary Wang had been taking advantage of her from the very first day they appeared in her life. Oh Young also overhears Oh Soo say that she will never be able to see since surgery is out of the question. This is too much to take in at once but it does not end there for Oh Young. In that same moment, she finds out Oh Soo had come into the house to live with her in order to get $7.8 million. She falls into a state of panic from feeling betrayed by the only person she ever trusted. After learning the truth about everything, including the real reason why she went blind, Oh Young tells Secretary Wang to prepare to leave after she gets her surgery. Oh Young shocked viewers when she keeps on pretending to be clueless about the way Secretary Wang had purposely made her blind to use her for control of the company. Oh Young's expressionless face is cold and rigid while taking her revenge on Secretary Wang. Oh Young decides to change her will to donate all of her monetary assets to the welfare center. She also wants to throw all of her memories out and begins to organize her belongings that remind her of Oh Soo. When Secretary Wang and Oh Young goes to a bridal shop together to pick out her wedding dress, Oh Young tells her to pick out her dress. Oh Young is breathtaking in the pure white wedding dress. There was a specific reason why she was only sharing this with secretary Wang. Regardless of the fact that she cancelled her wedding, she came shopping for a wedding dress because Secretary Wang desperately longed for her to get married. It was the last thing Oh Young could do for the woman who took care of her like a real mother for countless years. This was actually Oh Young's punishment for Secretary Wang. Giving her a photo of what she desperately wanted and then making her leave. Oh Young is also the same with handling Oh Soo. Oh Young asks him to go to a place her childhood memories remain. Oh Soo carries her in the snow and takes her to the location. Oh Soo had agreed only because he wanted to make her happy. The beautiful vacation house Oh Young had remembered had turned into a lifeless space. They begin to share a heated discussion about the identity of Oh Soo and get very emotional. Oh Young says, "I'm so angry about what you've done that I can't even be sad about my brother's death, who I've been missing just as much as I miss my mother" and "I hate you so much I wish I could kill you but there is nothing I can do." Regardless of her scars, she is unable to push Oh Soo away because she truly loves him The preview of the next episode showed Oh Young telling Oh Soo, "I loved you. What you did to fool me.. you're innocent." What will be the fate of Oh Young and OH Soo who are both facing death? While Oh Young begins to turn, Oh Soo pulls her close and kisses her passionately. It is beautiful but also painful to see. With Mr. Kim coming after Oh Soo's life and Oh Young's terminal illness, it is impossible to predict what fate has in store for them.
@YChase007 i know lol. i think I am getting to emotionally attached to this drama so I don't know if I can handle this "tragic ending" :(
Tragic ending was basically guaranteed when they remade this drama - they have so far followed the formula - so I fully expect for Soo to be killed by the gangsters.