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Oh hell no! cosmo just called a cosplayer at comic con a freak. are your frikn kidding me?
Compairing her to a "normal" fan as well. I ran to my twitter and told them how I felt. As much as it might sounds like nothing to most this is unfair and judgmental. if they said she was wearing too little I'd understand ( altho that dosnt justify anything) but to just call her a freak? god no. I may not be a star wars fan in anyway but I AM an otaku and i stick by my people. she is a cosplayer, she is one of us, and she was just called a damn freak. there are so many people who look down on us and it's something we deal with alot but to be outright called that is horrible. I ask you all in a nice way tell them how offending this is and how this is NOT ok! I truly hope she dosnt see that but it's likely she will and if I saw myself being called a freak in anyway I'd be pretty pissed and feel completely insulted. I have no idea who this girl is but I will defend her because she is one of us. she is the video came cosplayers, she is the comic book cosplayers, she is the kpop cosplayers and the anime and manga cosplayers. I don't care how you contact cosmopolitan but you tell them that it's wrong if you feel the same way and that this is unfair, unacceptable, and uncalled for.
You're totally right, it's completely disrespectful! They clearly don't understand fan culture at all and instead of trying to understand (or just butting out) they're making fun of it. Not only that but I'm willing to bet they didn't ask for this person's permission before using this pic. @RobertMarsh @ButterflyBlu @SaSevy @melifluosmelodi @MaighdlinS @scarfskeleton @baileykayleen @DanRodriguez @jibarito @AmbieB @AlexanderBeta not that I should expect much better from Cosmo...
Yes you deff have a point. it's all the time. I loved cosmo, I'd skip alot of their pages to get to the ones I liked the most like the storys they share and the issues they cover but when I saw that page I stopped because long behold a cosplayer finally made it but not to the side I'd wish. they really are assholes. the omlyn magazine iv ever cared to read (besides otaku usa) and now I'm not going to renew my contract. I'm canceling my service and going to give them a peace of my mind.
I agree. I love cosmo but I'm getting my money back tomorrow and canceling my subscription and they deff do things that is borderline messed up and bullying
so wrong! Cosmo has turned into a terrible magazine... they preach about not judging but they are incredibly judgemental
meat? lol wut? like fur?
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