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Just as he promised, after Vixx's first win on The Show for Chained Up, Hongbin removes himself of the jacket and HOLY LORD HONGBIN THOSE ARMS ARE LIFE. WTF!!!! Leo attempted to unbutton more, however unfortunately an embarrassed Hongbin stopped him. Still though, DAMN HONGBIN THOSE GUNS!!!!!!!!!!
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you tried my leo, you tried for the fans lol
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Leo trying to undo his vest just makes it even better XD
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nose bleed. my heart stopped beating for a moment. I love leo
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I can't... I can't... breeeeeeathe!!!! ASJSDJFLDJDHDHNKKSJDBD!! /\/\/\/\_______________________
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LMFAOO!!Leo is like you might as well go all the way...take of the vest 馃槀馃槶 Aw Hongbin looked so self conscious, too cute. They look so nice in those outfits and the hair yass 馃槏
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