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I feel like whenever I talk to someone who's super into Rick & Morty, it's because a friend wouldn't stop talking about it and had them watch it too. For me, it was my older sister. She lives super far away, so sharing Rick & Morty jokes is just kind of how we, uh... bond?

ANYWAY, today's discussion is: How did YOU get into Rick & Morty?

Were you channel surfing? Was it recommended by a friend? Are you already generally a huge fan of Adult Swim shows? (Also dudes, we need a name for our club. Let's brainstorm something dangerous, okay?)
Also shout-outs to our new club homies: Rocio (@RocioNaranjo), Danny (@gayalchemy), Sean (@SeanMcintosh), Adam (@balloonz3), and Sham (@shamwowpow)!


Next Tuesday, we're going to have our first Rick & Morty themed game. So yeah, stay tuned. (And if you haven't said hi in a Rick & Morty fan club card and you want in on the party, join in on today's R&M chat below. I'll make sure you're added to the list!)
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Haha. That last pic! XD For me, It was my best friend. He'd mentioned it a lot. But I always flipped the tv off at certain time after getting the kid to sleep. One night we were in Denver for competition and we were watching Adult Swim that night in the hotel room. It came on. We watched. I thought, "wtf". Then as we watched longer, I realized "this is funny... And smart! This is funny and smart!" (Duh, Adult Swim. I know.) Once we were home, we looked it up so I could see from the beginning. Rest = History.
I saw commercials for it but it didn't air on a day I had off. got a shift switched one day, saw it, LOVED it, then proceeded to show everyone I know. by any means necessary
i was surfing around on on demand when I saw it and got instantly hooked
well I was in one boring house party and someone put it on TV and at first I thought it was completely stupid but then I tried watching at home :) finished the show in 2 days haha
it showed it on carttoon network