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ALRIGHTY. Let's get on with this lesson. Today we are going over more complex vowels: The Y sounds and W sounds.
Remember when I said that ㅇ also acts as a place holder and has no sound at the beginning of a character? Now we put it into practice.
The Y sounds. Okay *pun alert * see meme above. Anyways, the Y sounds are your basic vowels with an extra line. Easy Peasy lemon squeezy. 어 → 여 (yeo) 아 → 야 (yah) 오 → 요 (yo) 우 → 유 (yu) 에 → 예 (yeh) 애 → 얘 (yae)


ㅣand ㅡ come together to create a vowel slur that sounds like ㅖ, but is actually a W sound, they are the exception to the rule.
Okay now this part is tricky, the W sounds. They are vowel slurs. 위, 와,워, *의, 왜, 외, and 웨. If you recognize some (or all) of the letters in each good job. But for the sake of just because I'll break them down. 우 + 이 = 위 sounds like we (ō + ē) 오 + 아 = 와 sounds like wah (short O sound + ā) 우 + 어 = 워 sounds like wuh ( ō+ eo) *으 + 이 = 의 sounds like eu + ee slurred together 오 + 이 = 외 Sounds like we (short O sound + ē) 오 + 애 = 왜 Sounds like way (short O sound + short A sound) 우 + 에 = 웨 Sounds like weh (short O sound + short E sound)
That's all for today folks. Keep practicing and don't forget to take breaks, you don't have to do this all at once.
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Thanks for this , I appreciate it