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Jimmy Butler wants to be one of the greats, so who better to learn from than Micheal Jordan?

Butler had a breakthrough during his fourth NBA season last year, when he made his first All-Star Game, led the Bulls in scoring at 20 points a game and emerged as one of the game's best two-way players.
Butler recently had the opportunity to meet Jordan and took advantage of the moment, picking the brain of the all-time great.
What Jordan lesson made the biggest impression on Butler?
"How hard you have to prepare," Butler told recently. "The games are the easy part, man. You got to work every single day, put in extra work to make sure you're doing what you're supposed to be doing. Practice isn't enough, you got to get in early, you got to stay late. You got to come back at night. He'll let you know that because he did it, and look what it did."
There is no denying Jimmy Butler's work ethic. Hard work and dedication to the craft has pushed him to the point he is at right now.
Do you think that Butler has what it takes to emerge as the leagues best shooting guard this year?
After watching his highlights, he just needs to be more consistent and he can become one of the best!
This is definitely his year!