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I really love this song and its choreography to the most part... Also who else feels like Taemin is giving Michael Jackson a run for his money with this song and MV??? Those fluid and rocking dance moves, you can tell the difference in performance grade between Taemin and his backup dancers... He rates like a SSS and they rate like a C... (Bearing in mind that the highest grade possible IS a SSS and the lowest an F) Still don't like seeing the once adorable maknae being sexy but he is growing into a fine young man...
I miss the cute adorable maknae, but I guess they all have to grow up at some point... Farewell cute Taemin, Noona will miss you!!! Though I am still hesitant to fully accept the sexy Taemin... Just saying...
Omg I know right?? When I first saw the MV I was like "WHOA was not prepared, what happened to my sweet angel???"
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@ParkHaru Someone who feels my pain!!! We should be friends!!!
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@KokoroNoTakara ahh yes!! I would love to be friends!!!
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