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How did you all discover kpop? I'm curious. I just wanted to give it a shot so I listened to smtown "Santa you are the one"
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I found out by watching dance versions of It's Tricky... BTS did a version and I was hooked once it looked them up..馃榿馃榿馃榿馃榿馃榿
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Through my sister lol
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I started with K dramas. then I looked at the OSTs but I didn't look further until one of my friends showed me Big Bang then I was hooked XD
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I met a friend at HS who is Korean. She was singing Gee one day in science and I was like woah that's kinda catchy and she said you should listen to Girls Generation and thus, it began lol
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thru Jpop (found through anime) Pandora Radio station. I started getting Kpop songs mixed in, and within months I was solely listening to Kpop
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