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Hello!!!! So I've joined a few weeks ago but never got the chance to post anything. I'm obsessed with Gruvia .... I'd love to meet new people and find out everyone's favorite couple . Can't wait to post more . Also, what's some good anime shows on Hulu and Netflix I should get into ?
I love Gruvia! Although my OTP is Nerza ;) Made a card about it today. Lol
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Don't know what's on Hulu but Kill la Kill on Netflix is one of my favorites ever.
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@Thatperson512 awesome I'll check it out. And really I see Ezra as Natsu older sister . But I'll check the card out (:
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Welcome just by posing gruvia I'm sure u will love it here. SAO The seven deadly sins Rise of the yokia clan Vampire knight Death note Gargantia K Rwby That's just a few on Netflix haha
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