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Hi guys! As some of you may know it can sometimes be hard for international fans to show our love for BTS! We have started a fan project called Bangtan Hearts, this project is all about love and unity, the two things that make the perfect fandom all you have to do is write a letter for BTS on a piece of origami paper and send it off to our P.O box! Our goal is to get Bighit to film the opening of the hearts! And the only way they can accept this fan project is if we all come together to show Bighit how much us international fans love BTS! our goal for now is to get 2000 people to like our page and hopefully send hearts in, the more you tell your friends about this, the bigger chance you have of BTS reading your letter on camera! Please like our page and read our posts to see how to participate! Thank you and good luck army's ♡ https://m.facebook.com/bangtan.hearts/
@jgallegos222 When are we doing it? I can find origami paper. ♡
Sounds good to me 언니!
@NallelySaavedra this weekend?