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Everyone thinks their taste in music is awesome. In reality, most of the music we play, stinks.
We at least in the eyes of our pets. We can throw on some headphones when we don't want to hear a song. Our pets though? No such luck.Take a look at what you cat does next time you turn on some tunes. If they walk out of the room.. you're toast.
Things may change for cats across the globe in regards to music though, as a company called Music for cats is creating music just for them. They’ve put a lot of thought and effort into getting it right. The Music For Cats project has won over 6,371 Kickstarter backers, raising $150,508 and crushing their modest goal of $20,000.
According to Music For Cats:
“Most of our sense of music comes from the womb. We form an understanding of rhythm from our mother’s pulse. But cats establish theirs after birth, from the sounds around them like birds chirping, or suckling for milk, or their mothers purr. Cats prefer to bump to a different beat. Imagine you could hear music for the first time, right now. That’s an experience you can share with your cat.”
Now that they’ve reached their Kickstarter goal, Music for cats released a statement, saying
“Now that this project is fully funded (and then some!) we are guaranteed to be able to deliver the digital downloads, CDs, and four CD sets recorded with state-of-the-art equipment. The sounds of natural, acoustic instruments recorded with this technology are most appropriate for the high-resolution and sensitive hearing of cats. (Did you know that 25% of the cat’s brain is devoted to hearing – as opposed to 3% of the human brain?)
“During the next couple of weeks I will be posting photos of the process of composing and recording that has already begun. The recording studio, engineer, and musicians are all lined up. Each of them has earned a place at the leading edge of the music industry. We will also be adding reward categories that include T-shirts and tote bags. You will soon have a chance to take a look at the pictures and pick your favorite!”

Great job guys, this could be a pretty big moment in music for cats across the globe!