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Learning to read and write in the Korean alphabet (Hangul) is the first step in anyone's Korean study! Its difficult to learn a new writing system, and everyone has a different way of learning.

For me, it's all about repetition.

I write the characters over and over, while making the sound in my head :) Then I make a paper that only says the sound like "g" or "n" and I have to write "ㄱ" or "ㄴ" from memory!

Which ways have been affective for you guys?

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Repetition is key! With languages that have characters instead of letters, that's the prime way to learn! Then, to recognize, I read signs in korean whenever I'm in the city, or try to read Instagram posts by my favorite kpop stars ^w^ has videos to teach Hangul top :) and they do grammar lessons as well! I listen to their podcasts in the car on my way to school/work. Haven't for a while though xD But, I'm practicing my writing here with everyone on your posts! 감사합니다~ @kpopandkimchi
Write it and try to memorize it, after next day try to do it without looking and like that for few days.
3 words. trial & error. Usually on kik, me and my friend text back and forth, getting used to the way the letters look and how phrases look in them, we also guess on that the word or phrase mean if we feel confident. We worry how to pronounce it after we ace memorizing the way it looks
I used memrise, an app that helps you memorize things as you would with flashcards and mini tests, you can learn any language in the world with it including forgotten ones that no one uses and I used it to learn Hangul. it only took me 30 minutes to memorize the whole entire alphabet
along with two of the Japanese alphabets and the Thai alphabet.