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So everybody knows Im a k-pop fan! Mostly SHINee, VIXX, and f(x). (Or aka my bias groups) I really do hope to hope to meet one day!
But what other music do I listen I too??
Yes I'm still into Pierce The Veil, Black Veil Brides, and Motionless In White.
I'm the type of the person that has two have different ranges of music. So my music taste ranges from Rock and Roll all the way to K-pop!
(I don't do country music though!)
Im trash XD
Anyways what fandoms are still into or that you currently used to be in? I know I'm not the only one!
Omg.. Pierce The Veil,Black Veil Brides and Motionless In White are 3 of my top metal and rock band list.. You know good music.. Lol of course you do though because you love kpop too ^_^
I am the exact same way! My Chemical Romance to SHINee, no country though~ NOT MY STYLE*Kris whispers*
i understand its hard to escape the first to ehem ravi fsu for me