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Boruto Movie
waddup peeps! out of curiosity, anyone know when/where i can watch Boruto? tell me in the comments below if any of you know! :) thanks guys!
I also need to know this!
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The entire movie is posted on That's where I watched it... Unfortunately it's only camera quality so far so it's hard to read the subtitles at some times.. I promised myself I wouldn't watch it until an actual copy got leaked but that's looking to be a few months still so I settled for this copy.
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Yeah that's where I also saw it... it's not the best quality but It will suffice
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@JessReno @PASCUASIO i see. thank you for the info. i guess i'll just wait for it to actually be released lol!
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best fuckin Naruto movie ever! you should of watched it in theaters! so EPIC!
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