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I mentioned a couple weeks back in my announcement card as a support member for the video games community that I wanted to play a game with all of you. And since you guys can't just come over and share a pizza and a bag of popcorn as we talk and joke and do the ol' mess around, I figured I might as well do a Let's Play sort of thing but not really. But before I get into that let's talk about the game for a second.
In anticipation for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I decided I should play the best Star Wars RPG to date, Knights of the Old Republic! The game itself is pretty old, it came out over ten years ago in 2003 and it definitely changed put Bioware on the map as a company that can make really, really great games. If that name sounds familiar to you it's 'cause they're in charge of two of today's popular franchises (Dragon Age, Mass Effect).
KotOR takes place 4,000 years before the movies take place so this gave Bioware creative freedom on the story and characters. It's a dense game filled with dialogue options/trees, extensive world building, thoughtful characters, and well, Star Wars! So, if you haven't played the game yet, you guys can play along with me (I'll be taking any/all suggestions on how to play game). But before all the fun stuff starts, the rest of the card is all about the character I've built to move through the game.

Character Class/Gender

I'm playing as a Female Scout for two reasons. I've played this game multiple times but always as a male. And I know some things'll change (mainly dialogue) based on the gender of the character. The second reason is that Scouts are cool. Look at that starting outfit, am I right?


Here are my base stats for our character. I started with the Recommended point distribution and made a couple of edits. I made it a little more even across the board with nothing being too much lower or higher than any other stat. There's one main reason for this, it'll give us a pretty good baseline and we'll be able to build our character however we want. Again, if you guys are up for it, I'll put the points in whatever attribute you'd like me to put them in. But for now, I'll be focusing on Strength, Constitution (to increase our health or hit points), and Dexterity (because maybe I want to use a gun every now and then).


These are our starting skills. I realized I might have made a bit of a mistake here by not putting in any points towards Security (which will help us pick locks, etc.) but there will be an early party member who'll handle all this stuff. Instead, I focused on Computer Use (to mess around with terminals, or hacking), Awareness (so we can notice traps or enemies from a great distance), Persuade (so we can get out of sticky situations with a silver tongue or get some extra credits after doing a job for someone), Repair (sometimes something the thing on the ship gets broke and somebody has to fix it, right?), and Treat Injury (before we learn some Jedi Healing things, we've got to heal ourselves with Medpaks and the higher the TI skill, the more points we get when we use healing items, I think).


Feats are generally active bonuses or skills we can use during gameplay. Most of these are combat related but some of them aren't. Either way, I decided to pick up the Advanced Weapon Focus for Melee Weapons. For now, I'm going to be using a Vibroblade (sword) before we go full Jedi and make a lightsaber (laser sword). As more of these become available, I'll take screenshots of them so you all can hopefully decide for me.


Our hero's name is Pilf Masler. Why? I don't know. It sounds fun to me and I mean, it's the Star Wars Universe, we've got to have a weird name, right?

First Quest!

Most Bioware games operate in the same way. There's an initial quest that'll get you used to playing the game and it'll help you understand the mechanics of the game. In this case, it's waking up on the Endar Spire. A ship that's being attacked by the Sith. We don't know why we're here or why the Sith is attacking. All we know is that we have to find Bastila, the Jedi who was on this ship -- she's really important but we don't know why yet -- and find a way to get ourselves of the Endar Spire as well.
We can get a first glimpse at our Heroine, Pilf, and I know the graphics aren't Star Wars: Battlefront good but the game is still amazing.)
So, while I get us off the Endar Spire. Let me know what I should do next. And since there aren't any giant game-breaking decisions at this point, I'll pose this question to you guys. Should we stick towards the Light Side or the Dark Side? How should we build our character now that you know her base stats? Is that name too ridiculous? And what's her backstory? And how excited are you for Star Wars? (obviously super excited, right?)
@shannonl5 I've heard of this game ^_^ and a lot if my friends have told me it's a really awesome (very long) game heheh I've always wanted tot try tho!!!!!
THIS IS SO COOL. @DaniVO @electica @lanejlzero @MoisEsGaray @Animaniafreak @Jelloston is anyone else playing this?
Light side! And thanks for mentioning two of my favorite games Mass effect and Dragon Age.. Which I am totally replaying Mass Effect!
In my opinion the first old republic game was the best. The new MMOPRPG is also cool if you like that game style.
Heard of this game from friends long time ago but never got the chance to play it. Is it available on Mac? I always like my character to build on stealth and elemental attack (prob doesn't apply here), you can take it into consideration when building your character :)
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