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So Imma be real, I used to be a Fairy Tail hater I just found it too cheesy and I really didn't like any of the main characters but I after giving it a shot I take back a lot of the hate I gave it. I went in not taking this show seriously and I think that's why I ended up liking it because if you try to take a show like Fairy Tail seriously it could ruin your opinion on it. 52 episodes in I enjoy the hell out of the show but I still cringe at some of the cheesy dialogue and I still can't find it in my heart to like Natsu or Lucy I find both of them annoying. As of now 52 episodes in my favorite characters are probably the Strauss Siblings, Makarov, Levy, and Loki. I'm hoping to make a more in depth review type thing when I finish the last episode before the 2014 version (I dunno the difference) But what ever XD tomorrow I'll be continuing my Fairy Tail edition of Waifu Wednesday with everyone's favorite stalker the beautiful Juvia Lockser hope to see you then peace!
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you can have her @VinMcCarthy. Levy or Virgo is my bae I can't chose XD
another one joins the kingdom of fucken fiore
Love Erza Forever
@Haidurr welcome to the family xD also the 2014 version is nothing different it's just a continuation of the story it's referred to as either Fairy Tail Season 2 or Fairy Tail series 2