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According to Vin Diesel, The Fast & The Furious series is far from finished.

In addition to Straight Outta Compton helmer F. Gary Gray directing the next installment in the franchise, Vin Diesel has revealed that the series is in the early stages of putting together some spinoffs and prequels to add further depth to the story.
Here’s the progress report that Diesel provided for Variety:

“We’ve written out story lines for various characters. We’ve been playing with it for a long time. It’s a very rich property and we’re committed to treating it with a lot of class.”

“We’re certainly in conversations about how we can expand the franchise now,” said Universal Pictures Chairman Donna Langley. “It’s an ensemble cast and there’s room to bring characters in and out.”
While certain people hated Tokyo Drift because it didn't hold the original cast members, I loved it due to the new feel the movie held. I was looking forward to them building on that one actually.
Which main characters do you think they will give a spin-off to in the next couple of years?