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This isn't Kpop related but I hope you all keep reading. I went to the store today to buy a couple of things I needed at home. I'm in the line waiting to get checked out and pay for my stuff. There's 2 people ahead of me. And the person in the front is a specials needs kid and I know him because I used to go to school with him. Anyway he's buying candy and soda and behind him was an older lady. The kid takes out his money and he starts counting it. He's taking a while to count his money and the lady behind him started to get frustrated cause he was taking forever. He didn't have enough money to pay for the stuff he wanted. So he turns around and ask the lady if she could help him pay for the rest of it. And the lady looked at him ugly and told him no that he needed to leave. The kid was about to walk away and i said don't leave I'll pay for your stuff and he ran up to me and started hugging me and he kept saying thank you over and over again. And I said your welcome. Well after the kid left with his stuff the older lady turned around and said why did you do that. I said because he didn't have enough money to pay for it. She goes he is dumb so you should have never helped him. I'm trying to stay calm and not go off on the lady. And I said excuse me how can you be so rude to a special needs kid. Just because he is like that doesn't mean he is different from us. I said you are very rude and a cold hearted person and the lady just kept starring at me ugly and she didn't say anything back and she walked away. When I was leaving and as I was walking back to my car I saw the kid and he was crying. So I walked up to him and asked him what was wrong and he said that was really mean what the lady said and I told him not listen to people that say rude stuff to you because you are none of those things she said. You are very bright and smart. And he smiled and gave me a hug. It makes me mad when people treat kids with special needs different from us. Hello they have feelings like we do. And some kids that are like that are really smart. I have a cousin that is like that and he is very smart and bright. I think people with special needs are the most kind hearted people ever. I just wanted to share this with you all.
That was a really nice thing of you to do. My cousin has autism so I'm really protective of people with disabilities of any kind. I honesty hate people like that lady who don't seem to understand that people with disabilities don't always function (I don't really know how to say it) like people without disabilities. once I overheard someone talking badly about my cousin and I legit almost punched the kid. people like that have absolutely no respect...
@JustinaNguyen @PassTheSuga @ZarahLinaria @sehunsdeerlu @CheyenneJessee @RochelleDiamond thank you everyone. It just really made me mad when she said that.
Ughh this seriously got me so pissed. I don't know how some people can be so cold hearted. My aunt and little brother both have Down syndrome and I have had kids tell them that they're stupid or take advantage of them. For 7 years I went to the same school as my little brother and we even rode the bus together and I would always protect him and in the middle of the school day I would go to his class to visit him. But there was always this annoying kid that sat in the back of us on the bus who would always try to bully my brother(mind you my brother is 4 years younger than me so he was about 5 years old) but he wouldn't get to cause I would tell him off. So one day on the bus he wouldn't stop bothering my brother and I kept on telling him to knock it off, so when I turned my head to the other side he found his chance and straight up slapped my brother in the face. I got so heated and my brother started to cry and I just jumped over the seat and punch the heck out of him and said "you seriously are the rudest kid I've ever met in my life. How dare you touch my brother. If I ever see you put another hand on him I will rip it off!!!!" Let's just say he never bothered my brother again. But now that I'm older I don't fight anymore lol I just tell people that they are human too and how would they feel if that was their child being treated that way, and I tell my brother that it's all right to ignore those people and that I'm always there for him to love and protect him. I'm so glad that you helped that boy out that was so kind. I seriously wish we had more people like you.
Uuugghh people can be so ugly.....but your actions and your attitude are the reason I have hope for humanity.
@amberg171997 trust me I'm with you in this that is just terrible and what you did for that person shows that your an amazing person and remember one person can make a difference in someone's life. thank you becausebif that would of been my cousin and you woould of been the person to stand up for them I would be so thankful
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