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5 Known Perks About Dating A Husky Guy

They say light skin men are played out.

Well, that's where they were wrong. Light skin men are definitely still in style and they won't be going anywhere anytime soon. What I think they meant to say is that the huskier men are taking over in the world of love and relationships. You know a guy along the lines of Seth Rogen and Rick Ross [the new and improved Rick] -- might I add. The days of people thinking that men with a little more meat or muscles on their bones get less love are long gone. Besides, you know what they say -- 'the bigger, the better' and in terms of men, we're all for it. The reasons are pretty obvious. Huskier guys can do certain things perfectly that other men can't do [no shade thrown]. Sometimes it takes one to know one -- or in this case, you had to have dated one to know exactly what I'm talking about. Just in case you don't, keep scrolling for five things women who love a husky man know to be accurate.

You Never Have To Worry About Being Hungry

If you're hungry, chances are there is a fully stocked fridge or more than likely he'll be down to grab some food for the both of you.

He Will Always Have Your Back No Matter What

Dealing with a man of his stature means that you'll never have to worry about brushing the loony tunes off your back. If he's around, he'll more than likely scare them off just off looks.

Wearing Heels With No Worries

Your feet hurt after a long night of running the city? It's all good. Your man loves giving you free rides -- not in his car, but on his back. How romantic and old school is that.

He Will Never Question Your Weight

The scale says that you gained seven pounds. Of course, you're freaking out and want to crawl into a hole -- but seven pounds or seventy pounds over weight he still loves you regardless because believe it or not he gained seventeen pounds. Don't even trip.

Cuddling Is Absolutely Perfect

You don't need a pillow when you have a husky man in your life. He's your pillow in human form and once you're situated comfortably in the center of his chest, nothing even matters anymore -- well, except the fact that you can hear him breathing.

Ladies, it's getting cold out here.

Get yourself a husky man to keep you warm and full.
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As a husky man myself, I don't tend to focus on body types. My main focus is your eyes first and personality second. Now I can truthfully say if your really petite or bigger than me I do at times stay away but if your eyes can pull me in I'm game 👍
Yeah, I don't have a type at all as long as they have a beard lol and most bigger guys tend to like thinner women I've noticed @alywoah
I've met a husky guy who said he likes his girl super thin and fit. All the while, he didn't know what a gym looked like. Lol. I think for me, I generally like someone who is active. I don't think I have a rigid body type that I like on men -- as long as they take care of themselves...
@jordanhamilton I can say for a fact this accurate description, good show hunn :)
I'm bigger and I'd say this is pretty accurate
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