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2 Nail Art Looks That Make Winter White Look Good

The words chic and holiday go hand in hand.

At least now they do. When it comes to the holiday, the one thing we enjoy more than quality time [and gifts] is getting glam-ified. From perfecting your makeup to your outfit and let's not forget our beloved nails -- it's a must. This holiday season we are ditching the crimson red and going for something a bit more chic and sleek, like white.
Global Color Ambassador for Sally Hansen, Madeline Poole, has created two amazing winter white looks that will transform your nails this holiday. Keep scrolling to get the deets below on the two nail looks [seen in the image above], and let's not forget they're super easy.

Design On The Left Hand - Winter Moon

"1. Start with a coat of clear polish. Use true lacquer, not base coat, which can dry matte.
2. Once dry, use hole- reinforcement stickers (find them at any office-supply store) as stencils. Apply one to the base of each nail to cover the natural arc (or moon), which should remain clear. Paint two coats of white (Madeline used Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Get Mod, $10, drugstores) from the top of the sticker all the way to the nail tip.
3. Let polish dry for 10 full minutes, then remove the stickers and paint iridescent glitter (we love Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer in Stairway to Heaven, $20, over the clear moons."

Design On The Right Hand - Candy Striper

"1. Again, start with clear lacquer, and let it dry.
2. Apply nail striping tape (such as Cina Gold Nail Striping Masking Tape, $4.69, hori- zontally across tips, placing some very close together for fine lines and some farther apart. The tape shields the nat- ural nail from polish.
3. Paint two coats of white—Sally Hansen's Get Mod (see Winter Moon) is perfect—over the tape, and let it dry for 10 minutes.
4. Remove the tape and fill in clear areas with irides- cent glitter polish. For extra-skinny spaces, use a nail- art striping brush."

Ladies, what nail look are you loving the most?

much better now! Thank you!
I doubt it has anything to do with your phone. I'm going to try and find bigger bigs or manage to create the pics separately myself. stay tuned & thanks for pointing that out @WinterJustice
I tried zooming but it just makes it blurry and still can't tell anything about the nails. maybe just because I don't have a very up to date phone
Awww man! I just saw how it looked on mobile. I'm so used to seeing it on my computer, I didn't even take that into consideration. If you pinch the photo on your phone you should be able to zoom in, but just in case that work I will see if I can find a way to make the image larger on mobile @WinterJustice
I can't tell anything about the nails from the picture. can you put a close up picture of the two designs on here?
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