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@nenegrint14 here are 20 facts about me. 20 seems like so much. @netchiBates @littlefrankenfi @kpopandkimchi @VixenViVi @Helixx
1. VIXX's Jung Taekwoon (Leo) is my UB. I feel like that should be know. 2. VIXX is my number one group 3. I love cats 4. I'm a broke college student. 5. I live in NYC 6. Today was actually my first day at a new internship.
7. I'm an artist ( I have a board of Kpop fan art in this app that I want to fill with art that I come across and maybe my own fan art as well) 8. I like to draw Leo ( I plan on drawing or painting every VIXX member) 9. I am very lazy. ( which is why I haven't drawn all of VIXX or don't have more art on the board or even my own up) 10. I love sleep it is a beautiful thing and I am sure sleep feels the same.
11. I love disposal toilet seat covers they should be in every bathroom. I harshly judge all bathrooms that don't come with any. ( I'm a slight germaphobe) 12. I have 2 middle names starting with a V and L 13. JVLE is my full initials, but I like to think of it as Just vigorously Love ( or Live ) Everyday 15. I have designed tattoos that I plan on getting
16. I don't dance but if I did I would want to learn the dance to Wonder Girls- like this, 4MINUTE- Crazy, VIXX - Rock ur body, Exo - History, and now officially F(x)'s 4 walls. 17. going back to #3 I strongly feel that in a past life at one point I was a cat. 18. I secretly hope that I was the cat of one of Leo's past lives. 19. I have seen VIXX everytime they have come to the Northeast coast. 20. When I downloaded this app I didn't realize what it really was for, but I kept it and haven't regretted it.
So thay took a while to write, but those are my 20 facts. I hope you liked it. I forgot to mention I'm a weirdo,but you may have already realized.
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I feel you on that broke college kid part haha. and I love facts 11-13! !
Good I was worried people would think the toilet seat cover thing was too weird