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Instead of standing in a long line at the famous french luxury bakery, Lauduree, known for their succulent macarons, you can now hop on trend with fabulous macaron inspired hair. Created by colorist at Atelier Salon in Las Vegas, Shelley Gregory. She says, "I wanted the hair to look and feel like walking into Laduree, the French macaron shop." To achieve this look, sections of the hair are painted different pastel colors to create a multidimensional look. Trust me, it looks just as gorgeous as it sounds.To gain inspiration and fall even deeper in love with this coloring technique, keep scrolling.

Ladies, are you drooling over this colorful trend?

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You can totally do it! @matildajgarrett
It's more of my parent's opinions than what I can't do q-q @jordanhamilton
Ohh okay, I totally get it @matildajgarrett
Yup. Still a beautiful idea for hair, though. @jordanhamilton ^-^
I definitely agree :) @matildajgarrett