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PLEASE tell me the oven is turned off.

1. You have to triple check if you locked your door or not.

If someone breaks into my house I swear to God. I'll feel so bad about it. If I go back I'll be late, but if I leave it unlocked, or don't know if it's unlocked...I'll be anxious all day. Okay. Might as well check.

2. Thoughts like, "Oh no, I left my straightener on" lead to "Oh no, I'm going to come back to a burned down house."

Do I have renter's insurance!? Oh God...I hope so. Wait. Should I call my lawyer? Do I have a lawyer? Maybe I should get one. Maybe I should become one!

3. You always feel like you forgot something, so its really hard for you to get out of the house.

Keys, wallet, phone...oh yeah! Purse! Wait...I have my purse. I don't have something...oh yeah! Sunglasses! I have a pair in the car...wait. Just one more trip make sure the front door is locked!

4. It's really hard to sleep, because that "brain turn-off" thing that happens for most people, never happens for you.

OH BOY 4A.M. I THOUGHT YOU'D NEVER COME! ...said nobody ever.

5. When you decide you want to reveal all your problems, people are shocked by how many there are.

Yeah. It's no big deal. My anxiety stems from a lot of stuff...and yeah...I'm dealing with all of that and my anxiety too. So step off.

6. You hate when people tell you to relax.

If I could, don't you think I would!? It's not that easy!

7. People are always laughing at you because of how high-strung you are.

It's not stupid! We really could have an earthquake, and we could all collapse into the sea. I'm sorry, are you not worried about disasters, zombies...etcetera?

8. You're almost cartoonish in your demeanor sometimes, because can't help it!

Sorry, but the Earl of Lemongrab from Adventure Time is way closer to my personality than any character on Friends. Sorry I'm not sorry.

9. Something as simple as missing a phone call from a family member can throw you into a state of panic.

What if they die!? What if I die? What is the last thing I said to them!? OH MY GOD.

10. Though you're pretty much always in a state of panic, people love and respect you, because you care!

Your anxiety gives you passion, and whenever someone needs a second opinion, they know they can count on you. If you don't let anxiety rule your life, you'll be just fine. A little crazy, but fine.
I agree with all of y'all,, Tess so Spot On
@danidee I got anxiety a long time ago! 6th grade... maybe 4th....
Oh man, I didn't have anxiety until I got older. It's like I learned too much about life lol.
<3 woootttt -another anxiety-based person
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