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Germany's friendly match against Netherlands was canceled due to an "intention to ignite explosives" at the Hannover stadium.

Even German Chancellor Angela Merkel was going to make an appearance at the game.
Germany was playing France when the terrorist attack on Paris happened. The sound of the bomb was loud enough to penetrate the sounds of the cheering crowd.

But the two countries had decided to continue with the match in order to show unity and strength through soccer.

Germany lost the match 2-0.
Germany's Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maiziere said he was the one to call off the match.

"The match was called off on my recommendation. There is a high level of threat for Germany and Europe."

Fortunately, no bomb was found after an extensive search.
I am really distraught that sports is being used by these extremists groups to instill fear in people. It is one of those things in the world that gives hope and happiness. It's also a universal language.

They cannot take this away from us and we must stand together and keep them from dictating the things we love.

Sports fans, what do you think? Is safety the most important thing or should we keep moving forward to let them know we are not afraid of them?

@GinnaL13 Well...let's just hope things get better from now on!
@mchlyang it's like I don't know anymore and not even the why is enough
@GinnaL13's really sad :(
@GinnaL13 And I just wish sports could be used as a tool to achieve unity, harmony, and hope for all.
@mchlyang true! we might no be suffering alot but the children are and experiencing it all has happen.
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