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Hey guys! So I'll be doing a presentation in speech class and I decided to teach the people in my class a bit about kpop! Do you guys have any suggests on what would be good songs to show them? And I'm looking for some really impressive performances or dances. Any and all suggestions would be great, guys ^^ thanks~!
Exo- overdose BTS- No more dreams Girls generation- I got a boy Super junior- mr simple Got7- girls girls girls Ambers- shake that brass BTOB- beep beep Shinee- married to the music These are all good songs and fun to Listen to @SunnyV
BTS Dope, Got7 Mad, and VIXX Chained Up all have great music, great dance
big bang.... everything is big bang...... just..... big bang😊😊😊😊
Whenever I'm showing Kpop to someone who doesn't know much abt it or think they won't like it, I always show them Bang Bang Bang by Bigbang first. It's like a gateway drug. Everyone so far has loved it and ended up wanting to listen to more! (Roll deep by hyuna also works well) I think it's just important to show the diversity within the style. That it's not just one type but rather it has something for everyone!
Oh, but to add to should definitely provide something that both the guys and girls will like.
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