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@hikaymm Now, I know that Sakura Haruno is hated by a lot of Naruto fans out there. However, there's also something great to be loved when it comes down to what she loves herself; Sasuke Uchiha. In the beginning and for a VERY LONG TIME, Sakura appears to be an insane fangirl who's purpose is to be with Sasuke. However, her love and devotion for him was real and turned serious. Sakura is always "weak" and doesn't seem to have the ability or strength to fight for herself and others. The thought of Sasuke gives her a deep motivation to keep fighting! But perhaps, she was only strong mentally for far too long. When Sasuke is in pain or caught up in the darkness, Sakura breaks, she weeps, she feels hurt and or helpless. No matter what Sasuke has done, whether it be murder or felony, she always stays true to her feelings. The author of Naruto has even stated that Sasuke poking Sakura on the forehead was a sign of his deep affection for her. I ship it, it was a match meant to be, it was merely their destiny. What is your opinion? Were Sasuke and Sakura meant to be?
When Sasuke was drowned deep into trauma, Sakura stood at his bedside and could not rest until she knew he was going to be alright, sharing his pain through her tears.
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Exactly. And also, when Sasuke has the cursed mark and hurt her, he kept on asking who hurt her because he didn't remember. He was obviously concerned for her and he entrusted his secrets to her too. Sakura didn't want to tell him because it would hurt him as well. @BeannachtOraibh
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Naruto was the first anime I watch of my many years of being an otaku. This was my first ship. What you stated is so true and just made me so happy because honestly that ship is meant to be. And tbh I love Sakura. 馃槉馃槀
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Haha yeah. I honestly don't remember what my first anime was. I was the kind of kid who has been watching anime with my dad since I was born. Well, I saw Spirited Away when I was 9 months, but Naruto was the first one I remember as a kid series wise. So, I've basically shipped these two since I was born haha! I'm glad you agree though and I'm glad this made you happy! Yay! @AnimeLov3
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You are right I have been shipping them since I was 7
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That's actually so awesome haha @SierraBaker
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