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I just saw an article suggesting that Yong Pal moves to become an American TV show and it got me thinking...

What drama should be moved to the America or English-speaking market?

Personally, I think that medical or crime dramas like I Remember You could do really well!
I heard a while back that they were thinking about making an American Reply 1997 and I almost died!!! I would love to see what'd they come up with and I think it'd be really fun and cool to bring back memories from our childhood. Don't get me wrong there were a million things I could relate to with Shi Won, but there were other jokes I wasn't able to fully appreciate because a lot of it was Korean trivia. It was stuff you had to know and learn growing up over there (if only I'd been born Korean). I don't know though they might also totally blow a remake. I just don't think we're ready lol.
I'd love to see I Remember You on American tv but I also don't want them to ruin it..
Wait!! But are the actors and actresses going to be as good?? Because what's the point of having a great story line if you don't have great actors.
I agree with you. I think people in the US will like medical or crime dramas, they love law and order and ncis/cis lol
I agree that the romance dramas are just too damn ridiculous for US viewers, hell, I have a hard time myself!!! Have you seen 2 weeks? that's an action-y one, it could do well
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