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What Drama Could Be Brought to the US?
I just saw an article suggesting that Yong Pal moves to become an American TV show and it got me thinking...

What drama should be moved to the America or English-speaking market?

Personally, I think that medical or crime dramas like I Remember You could do really well!
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I love I remember you!!! Crime dramas are really great so it could be popular in America.
You are beautiful !!! Even tough the drama was really good. I think it would be so cool if they did an American version of it 馃榾馃榾馃榾
if they ever do an American version of any drama they better get hotter and better actors than what they do with Boys over flowers
i would love to see its okay thats love or kill me heal me where it deals with mental health their needs to be more focus honestly like positive focus not shaming it
@kpopandkimchi I was think the same thing, I remember you as a TV show in America now I would totally watch it. to see if it the same