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Soooo I've been on for a while (a month? Maybe more idk o_o) BUT I thought I should introduce myself... Ummm I'm 17, I live in the U.S. Arizona to be exact! (Don't come here it's really hot 98% of the time TT_TT) So I'm a HUGE Seventeen and BTS and iKON fan, Suga and Woozi are my Ultimate Bias in the groups, the two are just way too adorable no matter how hard they try to act manly. (Like father like son as they say.)
BTS and Seventeen aren't the only groups I listen to (Who can listen to only ONE kpop group? It just not humanly possible.) The first group I ever heard of was Big Bang, G-D's hair in Fantastic Baby gave me life tbh O///O. At first I only listened to Big Bang, 2NE1 and Epik High (Let's be honest Papa YG knows what he's doing), but my taste in kpop varies drastically now.
I tried to put up pictures of all the groups (or at least members from that group) because if I wrote it all out it would be a really long list, so I only put pictures and I only choose a few of the them (The groups I listen to the most ^_^)
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Welcome! The picture of Suga & Woozi is too hilarious! And btw, nice glasses. :)