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Let's get this out of the way right now, Jeremy Scott is one of my favorite designers. The new Moschino stuff is so wildly inventive, embedded in pop-culture and stylish that I can't help but love him. Keeping all this in mind, Barbie (whose logo and branding have been used by Scott for multiple fashion items) teamed up with Moschino to release a "Moschino Barbie".
I'm pumped, obviously. Barbie gets a 21st Century make-over and some edgy new clothes. Not bad.
The only newsworthy thing about the release is the fact that Barbie "boldly" used a boy in their Advertisement, obviously trying to channel the zany energy of Moschino's designer, Jeremy Scott.
Of course, people were effing outraged, because they live in a box and think that it isn't okay for boys to play with Barbie dolls.
Sorry, but you're wrong. Everyone can play with everything, and who cares right? Right. Anyway this kid is slaying the game, taking on some of the signature moves of Jeremy Scott. Unapologetic, fierce and fun as hell, this Barbie ad might be the thing to bring the dated doll back into the 21st Century.
Along side two adorable little girls, this boy shines. You go Moschino Barbie go!
Same haircut, same swag.
Truth! Play helps kids develop their sense of self. Dictating what kind of play is okay based on something as arbitrary as gender is just needlessly stifling their creativity
the fact they had a boy is awesome.