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Hey Vingle Nakama! XD

I did some thinking about the categories of VS Battles I've done so far, and I thought that there were altogether too many swordsman fights. Swordsmen are cool, yeah, but I thought mixing it up would be nice, too.
Obviously there is still a swordsman in this fight, but I thought it would be cool (pun intended) to focus on a more elemental battle this time around!
So here is another installment of the VS Battles! This one is

Gray Fullbuster VS Toshiro Hitsugaya!

Gray Fullbuster - Ice Make Mage

One of the top mages of the mage's guild Fairy Tail, Gray uses ice make magic, allowing to create all manner of weapons with ice.
One of his most devastating moves would end his life; Ice Magic: Shell. It would encase the recipient in an un-meltable block of ice, at the cost of his life.
Gray has recently picked up Ice Devil Slayer Magic, which, like other slayer magics, allows Gray to consume Ice to replenish his strength.

Toshiro Hitsugaya - Captain of the 10th Division

Hitsugaya is the youngest shinigami in the history of Soul Society to rise to the rank of Captain, indicative of his massive power and skill for someone so young.
Hitsugaya is a sword master, particularly with his Zanpakuto - he is capable of using Bankai level attacks in it's Shikai form, though with less control.
In his Bankai, Hitsugaya gains ice wings, claws, and a tail. The freezing power of his ice also grows monumentally, and as long as there is ice in the air, he can reform his Bankai indefinitely.

Alright y'all! Take all the provided information into consideration (as well as our own personal thoughts) and vote in the comments as to who you think would win!

There's a lot to consider, so put serious thought into your responses! XD

@artrix1994 @treverMoon well if you want to know my personal thoughts, I think Hitsugaya would win. he'd assess that gray can consume ice for power and so elect not to use his bankai or shikai, and he would cut Gray down using pure swordsmanship, without ice. gray could still try to fight but Hitsugaya is already immune (or incredibly resistant) to ice, so he'd ultimately be alright. That's what makes me think toshiro.
I think that they would both hit each other so hard that they poop themselves and have to stop fighting
This is anime logic people! lol Neither of them would win. They would just keep getting stronger and stronger till they just explode from shear amazingness. XD
probably toshiro. they have very similar powers, which i would say theyd tie if it were power against power, but toshiro is quite the strategist and is very decisive. toshiro also has the flash step.
Hitsugaya seems like the likely winner especially since he a genius.
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