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Chosen by @NancyVongvilay I'm sorry for those who have chosen the Rap Challenge I'll promise I'll do it ASAP.
Let's see I don't really have a crush at the moment, well I wouldn't call it a crush. Anywho let's begin 😁 Fact #1 He is taller than me. Maybe he's tall for a guy too last time I heard he was like 5'10 Fact #2 We are going to the same medical school Fact #3 He's an enemy. Long story short his class started the rivalry. Fact #4 He has a girlfriend so he's off limits. Fact #5 He has a cute manly voice lol Fact #6 I've heard from other students that he's like sort of an air head Fact #7 He's those type of Mexicans, like me, that are light skin and have small eyes, so we look Asian lol Fact #8 He has dark hair color Fact #9 He seems really sweet from that time I spoke to him (I made a complete fool out of myself, if you want to know I'll put the story at the end of the 10th fact) Fact #10 I used to call him Stacy but I found out that that wasn't his name 😂😆
Okay if you're reading this it means you want to know the story on how I made a fool out of myself. So one day in September, I believe, I think it was like Memorial Day. Well our little school was doing this little gathering and I had no idea about it. So during lunch I'm in the break room making myself some ramen. Well (we'll call him Stacy) Stacy walked in with those fruit punch gallons in his hands and he politely asks me, "Do you know where these go?" And I said, "I'm pretty sure in the fridge." But in like a whisper because I'm not used to talking to people in person if I don't know them, especially if they're cute. Well when I opened the fridge it was packed and I just stood there feeling embarrassed and there were people standing behind with more items for the gathering so I just stood quiet with the fridge door open. And I guess he felt awkward so he was like, "Umm well I'm just going to set them here." And he placed the gallons on the table. It was so embarrassing for me I wanted to dig a whole and die. Omg speaking of him I saw him like 50 times today and I looked like shit because I had woken up late so I only had time to shower and change into my scrubs so my hair was all wild and curly and I broke out bad because I break out when Mother Nature visits. It was a big deal because since our classes out rivals we stay in our classrooms or avoid each other.
haha your story sounds like any interaction I've had with any crush I've had ever lol
Lol it was the first time that I've ever reacted that way @nenegrint14 it was the first guy that I've liked that has talked to me 😂
hahaha I know what you mean I like this guy I work with and I'm shocked when I have an opportunity to speak to him. I usually embarrass myself, the there was this one time I made him laugh with something funny I said. it was a glorious moment in my life haha. but he has a girlfriend so it doesn't matter anyway lol