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College campuses are places of learning. Of examining the world around us, and discovering ourselves. There's a lot of stumbling around, but ultimately
Psych Central identified College/Universities years as some of the most significant years of development and change. They develop in competence, managing emotions, becoming autonomous, establishing identity, freeing interpersonal relationships, developing integrity or wholeness.
But with several occurrences in Universities across the U.S. this

Safe Space takes Priority

The argument: How are students able to argue their opinions and discuss if they aren't able to feel comfortable?
- Student development is the most important, universities create that space first and foremost.
- Speech and opinions can be harmful during these years of discovery and change.
I recently wrote a card about a university president who got called out on an email he sent to students. Students protested his actions saying his priority was not to encourage that, but to create a "safe space" first and foremost. It created an argument in the college campus.

Free Speech takes Priority

The argument: How are students able to speak freely if they are more worried and concerned about making everyone feel comfortable in the space?
- Education can not exist without opinions and ideas, sharing thoughts come first.
- Requiring people not to speak because of comfort is more damaging to the education of a student!
Obama recently talked to a high school and made a point about this exact issue: "I don't agree that you at college need to be coddled from different points of view." but he agrees that "to create a space where a lot of ideas collide."

What do you think is more important in a college environment? Free Speech or a Safe Environment?

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I totally get that @InPlainSight but in some instance (for me at least) I felt like I couldn't share my thoughts or ideas for fear of hurting someone. @JonathanSteeves and @buddyesd sounds like you two are on the same side. Maybe what you mean too is more of a respectful environment that allows free speech then?
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@nicolejb that's what I mean, respect has to be a part of it otherwise it's not a debate, it's a fight. But at the same time by the time a person is college age he or she should be a lot less thin skinned. maybe it's a generational thing that I don't get
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@nicolejb I feel you, I think my idea of a safe environment doesn't necessarily match yours. I guess it's hard to define.
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Totally, like if a person is going to college they should be able to be respectful right? Idk if that's the case for all universities though. @buddyesd
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@nicolejb I was always taught the whole point of a debate was to win the other person over based on the merits of an idea? and that a protest was to raise awareness of a problem or a grievous wrong, and that the right was for peaceful protesting, but it just seems like everyone wants to hurt each other. there's very little respect for others and for others views
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