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Morcillas, or blood sausages are known in many different countries, including Latin America. Some love 'em, some hate 'em, some are just like "oh hell nah, I'm not eating blood. Kthxbai"
I have never tried them, but I don't think I could stomach them. However, if there was an incentive like a $10,000 -- I'd eat like it was my last meal. But for some people -- it's a delicacy, it can be a favorite. But thinking about it, I totally could have already tried it, and not have not known what it was, because more often than not, I try new foods.
Morcillas in Latin America are cooked differently. In Puerto Rico, they are fried and eaten on special occasions. In some South American countries, it's thrown on a grill.

What do you think about morcillas?

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I've tried it don't like it.It's hard to explain the taste. but my niece who's 7 love's it
NNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Ugh!!! Not for me. My mother loves it.
A lot of times, my dad has cooked it when we're having a small family barbecue and he loves it, but it's disgusting to me. lol
Never had them, doubt I'll try them. Just a no no for me
no maam...