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Yes! You've finally made it!

Welcome to the Vingle Kpop family!

We might seem a little crazy but we're just your average kpop fans :D

And kpop fans aren't really crazy.....RIGHT?!

Kpop is boring alone so we love love loooove new faces to share our fanboy/fangirl moments with!

Tell us your favorite groups below so that we can get to know you and make our family that much bigger :D

((I'm a crazy BTS and VIXX fan but I really love everyone so much (Seventeen is stealing my soul hahahha)))

Welcome again!!!

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Aigoo.. So many great groups! xD I would have to say my favs are definitely BTS, EXO, and Seventeeeen (Mansae!) but every group is fantastic
Thank you for the welcome. I am a fan of BTS, Got7, EXO, Vixx, F( x ), Monsta X, Teen Top, SHINee and Up10tion. I like other groups too, but I don't want my comment to overwhelm viewers so I'll stop here.
wow such a sincere welcome ... gomawo *_* well i am in love with a lot groups such as exo , bts , vixx , super junior and infinite !!! the group that got me into kpop though was tvxq but i couldn't bear it when the seperated :-(
I'm a huge vixx and bts fan, sometimes I can't choose between them >.< I know tons of members in different groups without knowing the group tho, like I can tell kyungsoo and chanyeol in pics even tho I don't watch their shows.
Such a warm welcome ! 😻 I love Exo , BTS , Shinee , & Sujo . I am also a big fan of Vixx & Block B . I hope to find new kpop groups ^___^