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So you can prove you're the best at comics trivia of course!

This week's clues were both submitted by @ComicGeek94 so if you're feeling stumped you know who to thank :D Just like last time, we're thinking of two characters: one from Marvel and one from DC. You're only getting one hint for each character this week!

Character 1:

In an alternate universe he became the mercenary Deathwish.

Character 2:

He took the name that his sidekick would eventually take while studying to become a detective.

Do you think you can guess who?

Good luck everyone!

The answer will be revealed a little early this week because of the holiday, so make sure to get your guesses in early and check back soon!
The second one...hmm. I'm pretty sure the first is Doctor Doom. I want to say the second is Speedy...but it doesn't quite feel right...
Good luck! And may the odds be ever in your favor.
@ComicGeek94 A+ hunger games reference :D
Number one was easy two I'm not so sure of
Deadpool duh
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